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TrueVines make a record!

Man, what a great couple days with the TrueVines.  We spent the past few days at Rare Signals studio with Brain Charles at the controls.  Stay tuned for tunes-- you ain’t gonna believe yer ears!
January 28, 2024

Lonely Hunter Release Show

A huge thanks to the attendees at the Lonely Hunter release show. It was a tremendous pleasure sharing this music with you. Also big shout out to Jess Fox and Stubblebine Lutherie for hosting-- was a perfect setting. (pic by Mark Erelli).  Lots more music coming in various forms-- see you out there!
November 7, 2023

“Lonely Hunter” Record Release Show October 29th

Thank you again friends for checking out my new solo record, "Lonely Hunter" released last Friday. Here now to let you know about the release show on Sunday October 29th, 4pm at Stubblebine Lutherie. This will be an hour plus of intimate solo guitar. I'll hit stuff from the record as well as other excursions and explorations. Seating is limited and advance tickets are required (purchase HERE). BYOB... or whatever you like!
October 13, 2023

“Lonely Hunter” release day!

Today is the day-- "Lonely Hunter" is now available! I've greatly enjoyed the exploration that this record documents and the continuing path-- the hunt-- it has laid forward. Playing solo affords utmost freedom and I strive towards greater patience, nuance and expression usually by slowing down and providing more space. Life lessons... A lot of time and a lot of love went into this record. I want to thank Dan Cardinal for engineering this thing so dang well from start to finish. Dan, you rule. You can listen on all streaming platforms. Please do that. AND a great way to…
October 6, 2023

Flying solo on a Friday night

A hip, contemporary hotel lobby is an interesting place to get in the zone. Hundreds of passersby’s coming and going, some taking notice, most just rushing past. Caught a few people taking vids of me last night. Anyways, it’s fun to get lost and drench that space in guitar music for a few hours straight… never really know what’s gonna happen….
September 30, 2023

TrueVines last dance at Toad

The TrueVines last dance at Toad tonight. This place means so much to so many. We all have had countless nights of revelatory music and friendship in this space and we all hope for good things to come. Will be a bittersweet evening... we're gonna lean in extra hard >>>>
September 14, 2023

“Lonely Hunter”: New solo record out October 6th!

Happy holiday weekend, everyone.  I've focused a lot on solo guitar playing over the past 5 years and I'm thrilled to announce that my new record, "Lonely Hunter", will be released on October 6th.  I've spent lots of time alone, just me and my guitar, working on an approach to a narrative style of playing, experimenting with texture and the push-pull of time.  It's a bare and honest document captured in the moment, just me and my '36 Gibson L-00 and '59 Guild T-100.  There are a few of my originals plus my interpretations of Hank Williams, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis…
September 4, 2023