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AS3 + Fell/Gallagher/Gray

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AS3 has been whipping up new originals, plus we’ll play music by John Barry, Chopin, Neil Young and Rashaan Roland Kirk. Then, Steve Fell, Jesse Gallagher and Luther Gray team up for improvisatory explorations. A sweet night of adventurous guitar trio’ing– expect the unexpected– you only get this here, folks!

AS3 + Clear Audience

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AS3 hits again, this time with our good buddies Clear Audience (Andy Voelker/Steve Fell/Jef Charland/Luther Gray.

We’ll play our originals plus music by Albert King, Neil Young and Frederic Chopin.

Tuesday October 5th, 8pm at the Lily Pad

AS3 Live

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In the waning days of 2020, my trio AS3 released a record about the year we all lived through. Next Tuesday night, we finally get the chance to play it live. Playing with Brad and Dave is a thrill and with these guys, the music always far surpasses what I thought possible when writing the music. Special bonus is Steve Fell/Jesse Gallagher/Luther Gray finish the night out afterwards. We look forward to sharing this music with you….

AS3, “Twenty | Twenty” ~ NOW AVAILABLE ~

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Back in October, I felt the urge to put 2020 into music before year’s end.  With tremendous talents from my brothers Brad Barrett and Dave Fox, here is “Twenty | Twenty”.  We all have a lot of feelings about this past year and everything it has entailed. I don’t know if this will make any difference, or if this counts as “doing our part”,  but hopefully this will mean something to somebody, somewhere, sometime.  I know it will to us, especially as the years pass and we look back to this as a memory of a strange and unfortunate time.  November 7th, 2020 however, will always be remembered fondly by the three of us.  It was a triumphant day, bright with the celebration of much needed change.  News broke as we drove to the studio and people honked their horns and danced in the streets.  There was a feeling of hope and elation, a break from tough times on a warm, sunny November day.  Darkness is here too, of course, and you will hear the ups and downs of this turbulent year in the tracks contained here.  Thank you for listening.
Purchase/listen HERE

AS3: “Twenty | Twenty”

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AS3 update: we are now in the mastering phase for our new record, “Twenty | Twenty”. Its sounding super dynamic and we’re very excited to have this musical reflection of this past year in the home stretch. It’ll arrive before year’s end. Photo by Michael Michael D Spencer