Old Soldiers

This is my chance to write songs, sing and rock. Our name is taken from Aldo Leopold’s “Sand County Almanac”.

Andrew Stern: vocals, guitar
James Rohr: keys
Greg Loughman: bass
Jared Seabrook: drums

From the opening chords of “Old Soldiers: Soon is a Long, Long Time,” it is apparent that Andrew Stern, like an old soldier himself, has some stories to tell. Stories that have been stored, saved and aged, like a fine wine and now is the time to pop the cork and let those stories flow. The 10 tracks that comprise “Soon is a Long, Long Time,” are as diverse as the inspiration for the name of the band and the album’s title track. The Old Soldiers name was inspired by a quote from the essays of Aldo Leopold, the father of environmental ethics in America and the title track from a musing by Andrew’s young daughter from the back seat of a car. Led by Stern’s masterful guitar work and vocals, the versatility and ability of the four musicians and guests of the band stand out from track to track. Just to point out a couple, the opening track, “Seek Or Serve,” with its Muscle Shoals-vibe, complete with gritty, spinning Leslie on James Rohr’s keyboards, to “Forget Me Knot,” where Stern is joined by vocalist Jen Kenneally, there is a sense of appreciation for an historically American sounding brand of rock, country and, well, music…yet never cliché and ever fresh sounding.  “Soon is a Long, Long Time,” with its tense opening guitar rumblings, dark riffs, building  chorus, culminating with the band’s Na-Na-Na chorus, establishes the title track as not only the  band’s anthem but a rock-and-roll-flag waving anthem. Bassist Greg Loughman and drummer Jared Seabrook form a tightly locked-together and  perfectly sealed foundation on each track, especially notable on the funky and humorous “15  Things I Can’t Remember.” Bear in mind, the stylistic and musical breadth on this album make each track worth repeated listening, with each track standing firmly on its own. More than a year in the making, and worth every day of effort, each of the 10 original compositions are handcrafted works of rare ability, both production-wise and musically. Each of the 10 tracks has its own story to tell and with each story, Old Soldiers have rocked and rolled “Soon is a Long, Long Time” into a finely polished gem that is a perfect fit and worthy addition in the record collections of connoisseurs of classic American music. — Kevin Myron