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Home studio up and running

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I figure with everything going remote these days, now is the time to get my home studio going.  I am thrilled with the results and am having a blast doing studio work from home– hit me up if you need guitar tracks!  I’m also steadily chipping away at my second solo guitar record… stay tuned….


UGLY BEAUTY records!

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Man oh man!  Our Monk trio, UGLY BEAUTY (Jef Charland/bass; Jared Seabrook, drums) finally made it to the studio.  This is gonna be a doozy of a record.  Extreme liberties were taken with these tunes– wow.  Huge thanks to Dan Cardinal at Dimension Sound Studio for kicking serious butt.  Stay tuned as this develops….

MAGNET-O! Now available!

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Today, we celebrate the release of the eponymous debut by our esteemed power trio, MAGNET-O!  This was a very fun (and very quick) record that we made and I am pleased to no end at the results.  Listen at your leisure and if you feel like purchasing the record for download, well then you’d be supporting us out here making stuff.
Either way– CRANK IT!!
Listen HERE
Record release show:

Wednesday October 16th, 8pm

Midway Cafe in JP
– Castellana/Stern guitar duo
– Gill Aharon Trio